Hector de-Souza

and his OAK R&B Band

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 Are you an Oak fanatic or a quiet fan? We have the answer for you. There are T-Shirts with our logo printed on them. You can explain the symbol, conceptualized in the logo to your friends. The logo is called "seek knowledge". There are other merchandise such as our CD's, Mugs, Hoodies, Caps and Posters. 

Our merchandise is sold at our gigs. Later on, they can be ordered through the the mail. Fans are encouraged to wear their T-shirt and congregate whenever they come to any of our concerts. We have a big family here and overseas. Come and meet other members of this growing family of friends. Show the world that you believe in Oak and proudly flaunt your membership in our fans' club. Get yourself our Bands' merchandise. 


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