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Hector de-Souza

and his OAK R&B Band

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Ocean View Music Production is the parents company of the Oak R&B Band. This is the name of our record label. We are head quartered on Eileen Avenue in View Park Los Angeles, California near L.A.X Airport.

The Ocean View Studio:
This is where the Oak R&B Band rehearses. We have all our stage equipment and instruments laid out here. The studio is an ideal place for other bands to rehearse, write music or meet up for an hourly rate.

Signed or independent artists can record their projects here. A credited audio engineer is always on hand to engineer recordings and tracks. We can also pre mix projects.

Making Beats:
Many Rap artists rely on beats to form the basis of their work. Those can easily be put together in our studio because they are easy to make and not that complicated.

Charts – Lead Sheets
Many musicians and keyboard players request that charts be made before they can sequence or play originals or new music. The studio works with seasoned chart makers or copyists who use high end software’s such as Finale and Sibelius.

Songs for Sale:

Being a non-collaborative songwriter who is constantly writing, composing and producing, there is a ton of music and lyrics that exist in many genres. The songs have all been charted complete with their lyrics. I own the copyright to all of my songs.

Video Coverages
The studio works with a professional Videographer. Weddings, private parties, and other social engagements can be videotaped. Contact the studio if you need such services.

Still Photographs
A photographer can be contracted through the studio to take private photographs of your family, proms, and other social activities.

DJ Services

If you are looking for a DJ for your social events, the studio provides DJ's to cater for these services.

A Wedding Quartet

This includes one singer, a keyboard player, a guitarist and a drummer. The Quartet will play at the chapel and during the wedding reception if the budget is modest.