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The Eileen Avenue Sound

My name is Hector G, de-Souza, the founder of the One of A Kind(Oak) Rhythm and Blues Band the originator and the creator of the Eileen Avenue Sound. After a year’s stint at the West Los Angeles School of Law in 1998, my family moved from Culver City in West Los Angeles to our current home in View Park in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Here on Eileen Avenue is where all my poems and songs were written and composed.

I was in search of an endeavor that would be challenging and immersing to occupy me. The tranquil and serene surrounding endeared me to reflect and take life into a deeper perspective Poetry, song writing, Composition, Working with Professional Musicians and Audio Engineers became my new way of living.  My ambition was to create a distinct and a unique sound. The songs were in different genres due to my eclectic educational, historical, and multilingual backgrounds. In essence, I became a multi-genre songwriter.

Every song you will listen to at this site is a product and a specimen of the Eileen Avenue Sound. To hear more of my music log on to cdbaby.com and search for my name: Hector de-Souza.

My first band was called Zewuze but our name was later on changed to our current name: The Oak R&B Band. OAK is the acronym for One of a Kind. Our first gig was played to a teeming crowd at Maverick’s Flat on June 21, 2001 near Leimert Park in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles.

The bands concentration in covering top 40 songs begs the question why play cover instead of original songs? Many gigs and venues want to hear current and popular tunes. The same applies to the demographics of our target crowds. Secondly, our musicians need constant work. They would like to work in environments that provide them with constant employment. Thirdly one gets exposure by playing covers first and slowly phasing in original songs. The norm is to start from the known to the unknown. At one point or the other, the Band will eventually play my original compositions in our own night club. Nevertheless, I have continued over the years to release compositions from the Eileen Avenue Sound on CD’s and in Videos. The bulk of my compositions fall under Rock, Gospel, Blues, Hi-Life, Reggae and Smooth Jazz (instrumentals)

My style of composing necessitates that I write and compose without any collaboration. This modus operandi allows me to keep my independence and creativity in the trend that my imagination and whims would allow without being compromised or influenced by any other source. 

Hector de-Souza

and his OAK R&B Band

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