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Our philosophy:
Oak was masterfully conceived as a party band. Our target audience is high school, college students and other adults from 18-70 years of age. The Oak R&B Band plays live top 40 music that is currently in rotation in all FM radio stations in the USA. Our Set Lists are contemporary and constantly changing to reflect new tunes that constantly pop up on the Billboard charts. Our unwavering philosophy is to play the most current R&B songs to keep abreast with the latest’s trend in R&B music. Our motto is – OAK is never behind. We are the heartbeat and soul of every dance party. We rock. You get down and jam.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to play in concerts style and uninterrupted. We have no place for Emcees. Dance music must flow unceasingly. It must jam non-stop. Musicians and dancers are the main ingredients for a successful live performance. These will propel dance parties to hit their climax and apogee. Oak aspires to be the ultimate party band par excellence and bar none. The Best in the West!

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Hector de-Souza

and his OAK R&B Band

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