Advertising can be direct, subliminal and very subtle. I communicate in many ways with friends and relatives all the time and many of them have become passionate followers on facebook. The more we are known, the more our fans would like to hear our music either original or covers.

               This parts on our website is an acknowledgement to our fans all over the world who have been keeping up with the growth of the Band. I will try to search out to our fans from country to country.


     You are the first on my list. It's been a long time now since we met. I hope you have finally completed your Doctoral Program and finally have settled down with your wife and kids.


    This is for you Eric. Nice that your children have all graduated.  What a nice job that you have done. Remember to stop over in LA on your way to or from Accra. My regards to Kwesi, Afi and your mom.  

    Patricia I heard you've finally got a job. Take good care of the family and work very hard.


    Joe my man, this is your old pal reaching out to you. Check out the band and listen to my songs.


    Atu in Hamburg, your work on the platforms in Shana is outstanding. The contributions on Facebook are very educating. You're a scholar I should pay

    Toyin and the wife, we got the good news. We are all waiting for the baby with much excitement.  

United Kingdom:

    Ben Amenakpor! Thanks for the nice conversations we've been having about our families. I am very proud of you for bringing up the kids with so much love. We have to take them to Keta one day.

    Leslie, congratulations on your graduation. I know you will be an asset to any employer who will need your services.


    Afranie in Louisiana, I hope you enjoyed listening to my songs. I will be sending a couple new ones to you this year.      Sedina in Maryland, you are in charge of the church now. Remembers you've got to now the word to enable you to deliver it perfectly.

   To our fans in California, I am hollering at you from Los Angeles, where we are based. Get in touch on Instagram, Facebook or by email. Remember to come to any gigs in Long Beach, The Inland Empire and in the Valley. Oak is te best in the west.


     This is a special reach out to any host family in Rapids. You made my stay at the Point a pleasurable experience. I will always remember the Hose Family Program that made us feel that we had a home away from our motherlands. Thanks to the Johnson Family.


    Hello to the DJ's in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abeokuta for spinning one of my CD's. Keep doing what you're doing. Hello to my students in Ijoun where I was their first College Principal, where is Kofi Acolatse? Are you still in Nigeria?


    Prince in Kumasi, I have been receiving those clips that are full of inspiration. Hope Yao is doing well, what about your business?

    Ben in Accra, I won't miss you out. You gave us the biggest party when we came home. Thanks for the heavy party.

    Stone Boy: You are moving in the right direction. The production company is going to be big. It will get better and better.


    My regards to Benniah and his pals at Legon, my sister Innieze and her hubby Eddy at Adenta, Jarvis, Mawnena, Freeman, and George Lee. Follow us on Facebook.

Takoradi & Sekendi:

    Kwesi Eshun and JK Menpah, thanks for a lifelong friendship. Keep in touch. 

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